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The process of purchasing a luxury house - whether in Long Island, Palm Beach or anywhere else - often involves nuance and detail that are absent from more efficient residential markets.
These transactions demand you have someone by your side, representing your best interests. If you were in litigation - would you ever employ an attorney that is simultaneously working for the plaintiff and defense? Click below to browse some of the most luxurious properties in Long Island New York.


It is rare to find a real estate broker who works exclusively with Buyers. As a veteran member of the National Association of Exclusive Buyers Agents, Lora Cusumano is not even permitted to list a home from a Seller. Think about it - if you were in the court of law - would you feel comfortable being represented by both the prosecutor and the defense? Yet in New York State, the vast majority of real estate agents are conducting transactions as agents or sub-agents of the Seller - and NOT the Buyer!

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